Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Awakening

When it comes down to idealism and systems of belief, I have dabbled in some, studied many, and have embraced several systems as a lifestyle. Abandoning my beliefs for another seems to be a reoccurring pattern of behavior in my past, until about 15 years ago. Then a period of apathy, realism and skepticism dominated my heart for many years, along with emptiness and a feeling of isolation and disconnection from the flow of life. In finding my way back home to face my devils, I found nuggets of truth in my memory, from the belief systems and philosophies I studied. " I consider all things, but believe none". author unknown. I took to myself what would edify, inspire and motivate me to become a better person. After much time allowing the seasons of life to change me, I began to live in the present. In the present, I can listen to people, I can see people, and I can experience the beauty of everything I observe. I also realize that life is simply, just a series of passing moments of pain and pleasure. We confuse happiness with pleasure and suffering with pain.and that confusion translates into suffering. "I see peoples overwhelming tendency to minimize the brilliance of each moment. I think the key to life is to realize that there will never be another you, and because there will never be another human who could experience the world through a subjective lens quite like you can, that each of us are essentially living art making history". Every person has so many unique distinctive ideas and perspectives to share, that no one else can give us. We forget how magical and brilliant each moment of life we share is. Do we spend our time, energy, and efforts in the betterment and development of other people? Is my motivation selfish? Maybe to build a reputation? A resume? A name for myself? What will I leave to my family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances as a legacy or my gift? What is my legacy? Is it tangible? Was it for my ego? Is my legacy invisible..hidden.invested in other peoples lives? Did I spend my time genuinely listening and showing interest in their lives? Did I truly look for solutions? Did I give to each person a part of me to enrich them, inspire them, motivate them, guide them, console them, heal them, bless them and educate them? Investing my life into other peoples lives is awesome contribution that needs no earthly rewards. This is not co-dependence or transference but caring and loving as you love and care for yourself. In religion, I worship and serve no divine entity, because I know none. I do though, believe in myself and other people. I BELIEVE....because it truly works to be idealistic about people. I also believe in forgiveness and the beauty of unconditional sight. Just some random thoughts

Thursday, February 18, 2010


* I got editorial's choice award for this poem :)
The bells of triumph clangor,
the exuberant poignant trumpets resound in escalating rhapsody,
the exulted bugles in vainglory stand head held high
at the bequest of this aspired legacy,
by valiant predecessors,
the drums ricochet the vibrant plumage of jubilation in the realm of victory
the crowd cheers in throes of quivery emotions,waves of tremor,pulsating resonance heard in auscultation,
BUT mother lies,frazzled ,bewildered, at the inferno of bloody massacre,
she extemporizes twaddle for her dead sons,laments for massacre
as she buries them in her dark womb of mortality,
she sits in miasma of grief as she lights the corpse candle and in the stillness of enthralling peace pays floral tribute to her sons
BARRAGE of questions strike hot
when will hot hatred stop changing the serene valley into ashes of pensive autocalypse,
when will the vindictive avarice pause pitching fatal its fatal strike,
when will savageness stop engulfing thousands of life,when will avalanche be basked by son's rays
and not smothered with surging blood,
NO answer comes from her sons engrossed in pestilence,
while seeing assail rendered null and void,HATRED
scoffs in air of victory
and will forever for subliming time till immortality

WISH I WERE.........

if at all i were eyes.....
wish i cud the most beautiful pair,
ingratiating n captivating every heart,
coz i wud be embellished n adorned,
n intricately interlaced wid ur images ,
if at all i were a diamond......
wish cud be the most sparkling one,
having iridescence,beyond pragmatic limits,
coz i wud glint with the dazzle of
brilliance ur unparalleled blaze,
if at all i were a flower......
wish cud be most beautiful one,
having the deepest shade of crimson,
coz i wud be nourished by ur blood,
nurturing n conglomerating into
the most fascinating bloom on this earth,
if it all i were oyster,
wish cud be the most potent one,
losing virginity to alluring sands,
coz i hv ur softness n fertility,
to harness the unprecedentedly,
magnificent pearl any womb produce
if i were a bird,
wish cud be the most exuberant one,
kissing the visage of the sky,
blush creeps n azure cheek turn red,
because i soar high with wings of ur untamed desire,
seductively tantalizing every soul every heart.
if i were a stream,
wish cud be the purest of all,
quenching n uprooting thirst,
coz i wud hv ur purity,
to pacify every trace of guile n sin
serving mankind in an uncomprehending way,
if i were a star,
wish cud be the brightest of all,
fading away the slightest darkness,
lessening the treacherous somber expanse of the nite
because i have your streaks of glimmer,
to illuminate every dark corner
WISH I WERE.............


My soldier you are gone,
to come back as hero of nation .....
in a coffin.......
you gave a tough time to enemies,
but what about tha the people you have left behind,
wake up to see the hail of mass,
"long live our martyr",
wake up to see the void,
which you have left never to be filled,
See your senile father stooped double with age,
shuffling for his stick,feeling searing pain,unable to temper
your loss with stoic acceptance,
still smiling through his pain ,
for the laurels and pride u brought,
Your mother is half dead,shocked ,traumatized,
clinching her priceless bit of mortal clay,
torrents of pain saturating her soul,
reminiscing the days ,
flipping pages of past,
Your sibling crying profusely
at the profound loss,scanning for the same flamboyance,
behind the scarred,bullet taken body,
and your love life....
dressed in grieving black,tormenting feelings,
dent of agony,tears rolling down speaking volume,
you were so readily available to her,
warming her,loving her,

but today seven feet away,inaccessible.....
Wake up my hero from this never ending sleep,
Wake up to shatter the darkness ,
all are enveloped in,
Wake up because your life is priceless......


feeling.....i wrote a poem, sad one...n my first poem......chk it out
He is gone to the unknown realm ,
far n way from this terriculous domain .....
left behind the lady in white.
his memories,broken sonnets,
full of miseries n sad twaddle of life,
to be written with surging rivulets,
streaming down her rugged face,
Male of turtle dove pair hath flown away,
in cold,pale reign of mortality,
leaving behind tolling of death knell,
resonating the blackened heart of his dona,
stratified with agony for the breach of promise,
dazzling bangles splinter in ineluctable tryst with destiny,
fate strangleholds n throttles her ,
as she is tender,
and she smothers in rarified air,
of ordeal against her by the laws of fortune
Black frosts of doom eclipses the ,
portentous red moon of goodwill on her forehead,
the bare claws of destiny scoffs contemptuously,
as it swipes the holy vermilion off her forehead,
the callous fangs,permeate through her skin,
inserting venom,blood vehemently seething,
against the triumph of fate in snatching her sustenance.
But alas,no turpeth to alleviate the pain,
left behind to lead this living death,
unending nightmare,
days with murky clouds,
nights with blackness,
end of last trace of hope,
to suffer this malediction of life.till eternity...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

blooms of romance

your immense love is carving out beautiful
epitome of rich carvings ,
priceless monument of true feelings,
your fathomless feelings for me is leaving
footprints on sands of my soul,
as u gently cross my heart ,
leaving impressions of gold n silver on them,
tenacious feeling,
wishing to trace the tread and wonder ,
where did you actually clenched my thought
,leaving me breathless,anxious and restless,

Your beautiful gift wrapped with emotions,
tied with laces of deep feelings,
it made me feel the butterfly,vibe and sing ,
most vibrant and beautiful,
mystically dancing n flapping wings in
the sweet gifts were like magical words
sprinkled over me,
packed with charisma n bewitching,
all i cud do was to get charmed n exalted,
i cud feel,ur smile,ur happiness,ur euphoric
heart,ur tears,
u packed them with ingredients of all these
i miss you at this very moment,every moment
passing by,
i can see you snuggled up, in deep slumber with my thought running in
your mind making u smile.........whispering
good night,
i kiss your cheek,despite the overseas and
skies,regardless ,
fruitless they seem to part us,though we are
two world but our heartstrings are so strongly
Thankyou for being the heart of my life,
Harbouring me in the arms of your love,
Anchoring me in the rock of your faith
You are the end of my search of true gold ,
I've found in the sea of false glitter,
dazzling pearl in the ocean of pebbles where I
dive,zenith where heaven and passionate
earth fade away separation and unite,

How can I sing my gratitude,
explain my silent sea,
measure in words the priceless gift,
that you have been to me?
how can I show my love to you,
unravel that gentle touch,
how do i tell you how much u mean to me,
no words in my limit can explain,
the glimmering sunshine and raibow trails,
you added in my life,
all i wanna do is to sing sonnets of deep
silent words, never ending rivulets