Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Awakening

When it comes down to idealism and systems of belief, I have dabbled in some, studied many, and have embraced several systems as a lifestyle. Abandoning my beliefs for another seems to be a reoccurring pattern of behavior in my past, until about 15 years ago. Then a period of apathy, realism and skepticism dominated my heart for many years, along with emptiness and a feeling of isolation and disconnection from the flow of life. In finding my way back home to face my devils, I found nuggets of truth in my memory, from the belief systems and philosophies I studied. " I consider all things, but believe none". author unknown. I took to myself what would edify, inspire and motivate me to become a better person. After much time allowing the seasons of life to change me, I began to live in the present. In the present, I can listen to people, I can see people, and I can experience the beauty of everything I observe. I also realize that life is simply, just a series of passing moments of pain and pleasure. We confuse happiness with pleasure and suffering with pain.and that confusion translates into suffering. "I see peoples overwhelming tendency to minimize the brilliance of each moment. I think the key to life is to realize that there will never be another you, and because there will never be another human who could experience the world through a subjective lens quite like you can, that each of us are essentially living art making history". Every person has so many unique distinctive ideas and perspectives to share, that no one else can give us. We forget how magical and brilliant each moment of life we share is. Do we spend our time, energy, and efforts in the betterment and development of other people? Is my motivation selfish? Maybe to build a reputation? A resume? A name for myself? What will I leave to my family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances as a legacy or my gift? What is my legacy? Is it tangible? Was it for my ego? Is my legacy invisible..hidden.invested in other peoples lives? Did I spend my time genuinely listening and showing interest in their lives? Did I truly look for solutions? Did I give to each person a part of me to enrich them, inspire them, motivate them, guide them, console them, heal them, bless them and educate them? Investing my life into other peoples lives is awesome contribution that needs no earthly rewards. This is not co-dependence or transference but caring and loving as you love and care for yourself. In religion, I worship and serve no divine entity, because I know none. I do though, believe in myself and other people. I BELIEVE....because it truly works to be idealistic about people. I also believe in forgiveness and the beauty of unconditional sight. Just some random thoughts

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  1. Hello Dear, a nice post.... a long insight of one self, i bet every one of us will have all or most of the question, that require a solution a finding or a suggestion that would help move ahead, in the race against time, called LIFE.

    So as LIFE is a race, rather then running away from it, it better with run with it, and enjoying and living each moment as and when it comes, do not let any moment pass by unnoticed.

    Cheers and have a nice day.